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New Am I the only person alarmed by this?
Although there is not much I can do about it, how do I explain to my kids that they may be a part of the last generation on this ball, whilst their parents' generation fiddles?

It's mourning in America again.
New Duh. no message
Expand Edited by Ashton Feb. 27, 2018, 05:35:52 PM EST
New Handy site even if Twitter; unwelcome messages..
I suspect that millions of Americans ponder the same matter exactly, while the noisiest minority cry Chinese Hoax! and far too many in-between:
either know not how to ponder or spend such moments seeking surcease in any old diversion that can be quickly accessed-with-beer.

Between that EXISTENTIAL Damocles and.. "Heather Calling about your credit card" I am convinced now that a solid majority of Muricans are-->themselves--a final-hazard to the existence of Reason in this species. And any 'Hope' demands the full actualization of Reason. I would call that an at-least Boolean picture of our plight, while it's possible that.. ... the Emotional centers shall awaken and override the dulllest-yet-imagined Intellectual part of the tribal jelloware :-/

9-8-7--6---ffFive ----->
New Besides, I'll be dead
From a recent book review: (see a few posts down)

Goodell manages to corner Jorge Pérez, the Miami real estate mogul and an influential Democratic Party donor. Asked if he’s worried that flooding will affect the value of his empire, Pérez replies: ‘No, I am not worried about that … I believe that in twenty or thirty years, someone is going to find a solution for this … Besides, by that time, I’ll be dead, so what does it matter?’
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They may disagree on who is an idiot, but they agree that most are.
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