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New Belatedly/mea culpa; thought I'd replied..
Indeed..!! Moi remains mystified that so MANY former-Americans have lost so much grey matter?/watched That many Reality Shows (or transistorized guitars-at-full-VOLUME) as to be unChanged in their ignorant perspectives ... through today. Their collective refrain must be ~~ La.. La.. La.. (wash/rinse)

Excerpt from UK review:

[. . .]

Most of the time, he is an observer rather than a polemicist, but his profound concern resonates throughout, as when he asks Obama: ‘How do you gauge how much truth America can take? Because you know what’s coming.’ This is a soggy, saturated book. Everywhere Goodell goes, the water is rising. ‘For anyone living in Miami Beach or South Brooklyn or Boston’s Back Bay or any other low-lying coastal neighbourhood,’ he writes, ‘the difference between three feet of sea level rise by 2100 and six feet is the difference between a wet but liveable city and a submerged city … The difference between three feet and six feet is the difference between a manageable coastal crisis and a decades-long refugee disaster.’

[. . .]

'Murica today: a Singularity. with an Event-horizon ... the distance between the remote(s) and ----> Boob-tube?
RIP 'Age of Enlightenment' Welcome-in: Knock-Knock jokes. Prolly 3-D
     Seems unusually Quiet on this topic in the newsfotainment meeja.. - (Ashton) - (2)
         Yes, unusually quiet. - (dmcarls) - (1)
             Belatedly/mea culpa; thought I'd replied.. - (Ashton)

LRPD in a coma, I know, I know... it's serious.
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