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New Follow the games, usually.
However, many games are on multiple consoles, so as Drew said, if he wants multiplayer then he needs to be on the same console network as his friends. Hardware-wise, the two are very similar and functional differences will usually come down to which controller will you prefer in your hand.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been quite clear that they will not release or support titles that work only on the upgraded consoles. Everything for one will work on the other. That said, I've heard of at least one game with poor frame rate on the PS4 but plays just fine on the PS4 Pro.

News has just started appearing about the PS5 but Sony has given no information and no timeline, other than "it will probably happen". Experts are guessing 2019 at the earliest. Remember they want the PS4 Pro to last as long as possible and it's been out a year.

And Microsoft are even further away from upgrading the XBox because the Xbox One X only came out this month.

New On hardware
The XB1X has, setting all the nerd shit aside for a moment, something you either don't care at all about, or you care a very great deal: it plays 4K blu-rays. Yeah, I know streaming is all the rage, but if you want the best video quality, it comes on shiny round bits of polycarbonate.

You either care or you don't; but if you do care, then the XB1X is the only game in town for 4K BD.
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