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New KB4041681 (Windows Update) breaks connectivity
Upon a reboot, my Windows 7 machines could no longer access ArcaOS shares. They can see them, but not access them.

Windows XP doesn't get updates so it has no problem with this.

It is my understanding that OS/2 networking updates are somewhat related to Samba, so this may be a wider problem.

I'm not removing the update so I can work with Arca Noae to test fixes. My ArcaOS machines can still access the Windows machines for file transfers. Inconvenient but not painful.

I still don't know why a company would be named for a Blood Clam - I'll have to ask one of these days.
New Don't you love those blob updates?
Apparently, it also broke part of AutoDesk's software, things relying on MS JET and IE 11 :-/


This hints that WINS has to be operational for things to work properly again.
     KB4041681 (Windows Update) breaks connectivity - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
         Don't you love those blob updates? - (scoenye)

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