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New The pictures are horriffic
I thought it was just the peninsula above SF, but it seems to be a huge area involved.


California Statewide Fire Summary
Monday, October 9, 2017

Overnight significant winds fanned over a dozen fires across Northern California. 15 new wind whipped wildfires in nine counties have already burned over 73,000 acres in the past 12 hours. Firefighters have been challenged with winds gusting in excess of 50mph causing extreme rates of spread and volatile burning conditions. Governor Brown has declared a State of Emergency in Napa, Sonoma, and Yuba Counties. One confirmed fatality has occurred in Mendocino County, with several reports of injuries to civilians. The focus continues to be the evacuations of thousands of residents and protecting property.

These fires have already burned an estimated 1,500 homes and commercial structures. Several Damage Assessment Teams have been activated to get a full account of the destruction.
The strong winds are expected to decrease today, but Red Flag Warnings due to gusty winds and high fire risk remain in place across many parts of the State.
Residents across the State are urged to remain prepared for wildfires as extremely dry conditions continue. The potential for an increase in winds later in the week could challenge the efforts of firefighters. Learn more evacuation tips: ReadyForWildfire.org


Nuns Fire, Sonoma County NEW
Hwy 12 north of Glen Ellen
5,000 acres


It looks like the Nuns Fire is the one closest to Ashton.

Fire Map


Fingers crossed for our Mr. B and for everyone else out there.

Thanks for the update!!

New One thing lacking from that map: evacuation zones
We spent about an hour on the phone yesterday with a rather frantic friend just south of Santa Rosa because it is near impossible to find information on the evacuation zones. There is one at her latitude just across 101, but it took forever to find the extents. (Luckily, this one goes eastward.) Compounding the issue is that authorities are trying to keep the zones as small as possible but the shifting winds are turning that into a game of whack-a-mole.
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