But it needs a ^Meta^ for appropriate context:

Belief-in belief oughtta come close, as all these topics--which have, over the {merely-known} Centuries--caused the oft agonized deaths of ... surely by now: a Billion + (if not, provably 'billions')

All derive from that pig-ignorance allowed to grow from tykehood on into dotage:
the omission of having been taught *something about "how to Tell" the Difference 'twixt Answerable- and Not-answerable Questions. Period.

* some call this: the omission of teaching Critical Thinking (and bloody-well Testing that they Got It.)

PS: Yes too, Adolf put out some Nazi-Xian mishmosh of his own! maybe just a tiny-sop to keep the Robed-ones off his ass long enough to ... get-ON with the wholesale-exterminations (?)

(I "believe" that inculcating Invisible rabbits Overlords-who-give-a-shit! about. Each. mindless-Creation. like-Yourself, extant:
and Who like to chat with -->you!! about the Mercedes you rilly-want
..IS the beginning of all the religio-caused heaped dead burned bodies, Evah. (But what do I know-fershure?))