First, I and most of the people I know who disliked her, voted for her anyway because the alternative was unthinkable. That said, we didn't lose her the election. Quit bitching at us. We are the least of the issue.
Hillary and the DNC lost the election because they did a bad job. Hillary had a lot of baggage to unload and not all of it from 30 years ago. She managed to make orders of magnitude more money in 'government service' than most engineers make in a career and she managed that in a few years. Both she and her husband are triangulating neo-liberals which in itself is untrustworthy. She did nothing to counter the image either. Then with complete DNC support she became the ONLY countenanced dem candidate because she had a vagina and it was her turn. She didn't bother campaigning in middle class working cities because "they're all democrats and they have to vote for me."
But, but, but the republicans played dirty!!! Right. film at 11. Republicans do what republicans always do.
But, but, but hackers! russians! So what? They didn't write the fucking emails, they just exposed how shitty and smug the DNC was behaving. Not really a surprise.
She lost the election because she was a bad candidate and she ran a poor campaign.
The purity pony is dead. Fuck it or walk away from it but for the love of anything you hold dear, quit beating it.