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New Re: Hive mind consensus on Windows 10?

Marginally better than the reasonably well received windows 7 UI-wise. Much better than Windows 8.x's tablet hybrid abomination. The desktop taskbar from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is more MacOS-like, with permanently pinnable icons that show running apps in place.

The Start Menu is different but at least it has one again.

The deck chairs in the control panel have been suitably reshuffled, as is the custom.

You can turn off much but not all of the "telemetry" to MS.

It was a "free" upgrade from Windows 7.

A few sore points for me:

- I've made my peace with not being able to turn off/manually run Windows Update on my own terms, but now it saturates my limited bandwidth when downloading updates instead of using the old Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), even after I turned off all the peer-to-peer update download crap. I'm considering getting a router with bandwidth throttling features to counter. There's some registry settings that can be tweaked, but I don't think they're available on the home version.

- Whenever I reboot (which is rare as I usually use sleep mode), the volume icon in the taskbar disappears. I found that a certain registry entry can be deleted and the shell restarted to get it back. I'm considering putting in something to run that on startup.
New Slowing down updates.
You can tell Windows 10 that your home Wifi is a "metered connection". Windows Update will only reluctantly use a "metered connection". Might save your bandwidth a bit.

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             Slowing down updates. - (static)
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                     Should have known. :-/ -NT - (Another Scott)

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