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New Cate Blanchett
I no longer require a mulligan, but still.

Jenna Coleman is also quite attractive, but she is younger than two of my nieces.
New with or without elf ears?
you can kill people for America at age 18 but need to be 21 to buy a beer
     hah! a billionaire is only 18 days older than me an he is a wrinkly fecker! +egoboost -NT - (boxley) - (5)
         He spent more time in the Florida or California sun han you did! :) - (a6l6e6x)
         +egoboost - (gcareaga) - (3)
             My Mulligan is Tiffani Thiessen ... rowr -NT - (drook) - (2)
                 Cate Blanchett - (gcareaga) - (1)
                     with or without elf ears? -NT - (boxley)

It squealed like Steve Ballmer on a canoe trip, unexpectedly pressed into entertaining hillbillies.
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