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New Citrix is on the ropes, trying to escape the vulture capitalists.

Citrix Systems Inc (CTXS.O), the U.S. cloud computing company targeted by activist hedge fund Elliott Management, is making a final attempt to sell itself as a whole before it embarks on asset sales, according to people familiar with the matter.

Citrix, which had attracted the interest of private equity investors before it agreed in July to give Elliott a seat on its board of directors, is having new conversations with buyout firms, the people said this week.

The company, which has a market capitalization of $11.6 billion, has also reached out to other technology firms to solicit interest, including Dell Inc[DI.UL], the computer maker that was taken private two years ago by its founder Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners LP, the people added.

Citrix announced in July it would explore strategic alternatives for its GoTo family of products, including videoconferencing and desktop sharing service GoToMeeting. However, a sale process for these assets has not started yet because Citrix wants to see if it can still sell itself at a satisfactory valuation, according to the sources.

If Citrix does not sell itself in its entirety, it will not just seek to sell or spin off its GoTo products, but it will also explore options for other assets down the line, according to the sources.

Why the OS/2 forum? Citrix was founded by ex-IBMers and one of their first products was a Multiuser OS/2 (from January 1991):

Citrix Systems, a team of IBM refugees led by OS/2 guru Ed Iacobucci, has extended OS/2 into the multiuser territory occupied by Unix, Xenix, QNX, Theos, and a variety of DOS-based operating systems. And the fledgling company has taken the right approach. Citrix Multiuser starts with OS/2 1.21 sources licensed from Microsoft and weaves in a terminal subsystem, user-oriented security, resource auditing, and the ability to address up to 256 megabytes of memory.

Citrix comes on four disks--one less than OS/2 1.21 (and dozens fewer than SCO Unix). How can Citrix's beefed-up OS/2 be smaller than the standard IBM/Microsoft version? There is one conspicuous omission: Presentation Manager (PM). You won't be running WingZ, PageMaker, or Corel Draw under Citrix Multiuser. You'll have to stick with character-mode applications like WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Word, HyperAccess, Oracle, Paradox, and R:base.

Granted, these aren't the hottest programs available for OS/2. But, in combination with custom software, they're a good fit for the needs of small- and medium-size retail and service businesses. If that's your game, glamorous bit-mapped graphics may not be high on your list of priorities. You want low cost per seat, central control, simple installation and administration, and rock-solid stability. That's what Citrix has to offer.

New valdez PD was an early adopter
trying to build a bridge from sco to netware servers via windows NT. I worked with citrix on the project.
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     Citrix is on the ropes, trying to escape the vulture capitalists. - (Another Scott) - (1)
         valdez PD was an early adopter - (boxley)

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