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New note, he is from ohio, not the south
you can kill people for America at age 18 but need to be 21 to buy a beer
New Southern Ohio is Appalachia
No real difference. They're annoying as hell and totally useless, but what the hell, they enjoy it.
"Religion, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable."
     TheHill: House Republicans in disarray again over Iran deal. - (Another Scott) - (4)
         John Boehner needs to kiss Pelosi's butt to get leadership lessons! :) -NT - (a6l6e6x) - (3)
             He speaks always like a petulant juvenile.. it's apparent that in any ref to BHO - (Ashton) - (2)
                 note, he is from ohio, not the south -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                     Southern Ohio is Appalachia - (hnick)

They both savoured the strange warm glow of being much more ignorant than ordinary people, who were only ignorant of ordinary things.
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