as he has--Masterfully--cut to the chase, from the first sentence.
(But you'd be wrong again..) in a tribe where there's no shame felt, once organized corruption tops some tipping-point in all major categories: a number surpassed so long ago that nobody alive remembers {whenever that was.}

And the stats on prescription DRUGS start with: *$1000/YEAR for every man/woman/child in the dis-U.S. ... spent by Big Pharma merely to influence every fucking AMA-MD they can find to take the swag and push the latest pill-just-like the marginally effective last-year's model.

* all leading to 70% of US-ians being on some. fucking. regular. dosage. of Some Fucking pharm-chem nostrum (many on several) pushed on them by young/avuncular? Dr. Feelgood (the guy with the boat brochures stacked on one of the desk corners. The only paper-stack that isn't dusty.)

Somehow though, as counterpoint to the sense of irremediable-doom over such widespread absence of any ethical sense within so many: J.O. manages to elicit some endorphins despite revealed slime, by such brilliant scalpel work uncovering the M.O. of the legions of perps we live amidst. {{eeuuuwwww}}

J. O. Yay!!