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New Good summary of the Ebola situation in the USA.
John Cole at Balloon-Juice.

I don't agree with all of it, but it's a fair summary.

They had people talking past each other, willful misrepresentation of each other’s point, internet experts, profanity, hurt feelings, talking past each other, a few people remaining on the threads until the very end (me included) because someone is wrong on the internet, apologies, everyone goes to bed, and then everyone has their coffee and starts back in on each other the next day. All in all, fairly typical.

New This past week...
...about 13,000 people - mostly poor African children - died of malaria.

But fuck them, there's a nurse in Dallas who's got Ebola!
New You have not thought it through...
How many of those African kids would grow up to vote Republican? Somebody from Dallas? QED.
You just have to keep track of the IMPORTANT things. Duh...
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