Building a Vegas-in-desert, then crying when the lawns are ruled-out: is typ. behavior.
Middle-East Sheikdoms--PhD--piled-higher-and deeper; China lusts for Murican-style-disdain for Facts vs Consumerdom.
(Haven't heard if the one tyke/family Rule has yet been rescinded/ignored ad hoc.)

At say, 5n-homo-saps you get a 20th Century. Bloody but not yet widespread starvation/dehydration.
At say, 9n? ...

It's not even math (and techno merely prolongs): geometric-progression -vs- arithmetic-progression explains exponentials, as Malthus did.
The fantasy-filled don't do even arithmetic.

Waking-up is always a next possibility, of course.
(I have a candle with a really-long wick. :-)