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Monday, August 18, 2014

Not A Drop

I can get the impact on agriculture, but still really don't get what happens when the faucets go dry.

by Atrios at 13:00


While small towns and cities have used trucked in water for a few weeks, SF or San Jose or LA not having drinking water for weeks or months would be a huge, huge issue. Here's hoping the weather breaks before it comes to that, and that plans are developed to wean the state off such vast amounts of imported water for agriculture...

Hang in there!

New n-Homo-saps/planet can make for many Happy Campers, we once saw.
Building a Vegas-in-desert, then crying when the lawns are ruled-out: is typ. behavior.
Middle-East Sheikdoms--PhD--piled-higher-and deeper; China lusts for Murican-style-disdain for Facts vs Consumerdom.
(Haven't heard if the one tyke/family Rule has yet been rescinded/ignored ad hoc.)

At say, 5n-homo-saps you get a 20th Century. Bloody but not yet widespread starvation/dehydration.
At say, 9n? ...

It's not even math (and techno merely prolongs): geometric-progression -vs- arithmetic-progression explains exponentials, as Malthus did.
The fantasy-filled don't do even arithmetic.

Waking-up is always a next possibility, of course.
(I have a candle with a really-long wick. :-)
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             n-Homo-saps/planet can make for many Happy Campers, we once saw. - (Ashton)
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