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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New ^ This.
I notice the spam eventually and I set the content to SPAM in the database.

Posting that spam is spam is not helpful, and makes it difficult to clean up: I could just delete the post except now that you've replied to it that task has gotten significantly harder.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Sorry. Thanks.
     30% OFF Transfer DVD VIDEO_TS folder to WD TV for playback - (Anncarrie) - (5)
         Piss off and die, you evil spammer bastard! -NT - (CRConrad) - (4)
             This *is* the "Tips For New Users" forum, so that works -NT - (drook) - (3)
                 Here's another tip for new users, and CRC: - (pwhysall) - (2)
                     ^ This. - (malraux) - (1)
                         Sorry. Thanks. -NT - (Another Scott)

One of them was this cute little yellowtail, and she's giving me the eye. So I figured, this is my chance for a little fun. You know, piece o' Pisces.
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