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New Aye
You can put Canadian in with the UK and Australian. It's the 'official' way it's supposed to be spelt, but both are used commonly. I'm a bit of a traditionalist for a Canadian when it comes to that stuff: it's colour and flavour.

Oh, and that's just the French word for yoghurt; there's nothing particularly québécois about it.
Expand Edited by jake123 Oct. 15, 2013, 07:38:39 PM EDT
New Gosh! You Canadians are so picky :)
OK, I've lumped English Canada in with UK, Australia and changed the other to France, French Canada.
New There is no French Canada
There is English Canada and Quebec, s'il vous plaît
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His laugh sounds like a balloon deflating into the face of a man who is throwing up and singing at the same time. It is the worst.
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