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and yeah, it's totally uncool. If you're on PAYG, you pay for incoming texts, or you pop up ten bucks a month for a texting plan.

Our regulatory agency on the telecoms here (the CRTC) used to be decent, but nowadays it's a prime example of regulatory capture in Canada: there's a revolving door between it and the executive level people in the telecoms.
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The reason texts are 140 characters is that's the amount of bandwidth available in the network ping, so it's essentially free (from a bandwidth perspective) for the telcos, right?

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SMS originated as a messaging protocol to carry debugging messages from devices that were being remotely debugged to make sure they worked properly on the cell network. It's a fixed length packet, with a 140 byte payload. You can get 160 characters in it when you use a 7bit char set specifically designed to work with SMS.

The engineers working on the devices wrote a little thing into the firmwares to be able to compose messages and send them to other devices, probably so they could troll each other, and the rest, as they say, is history.
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