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New Transcode Sony EX1/EX3 XDCAM MP4 to MPG/WMV/MOV for Premiere
Transcode Sony EX1/EX3 XDCAM MP4 to MPG/WMV/MOV for Premiere Pro CS6

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If you want to work with Sony EX1/EX3 XDCAM footages in Premiere Pro CS6 on Mac, this article will help you out with step-by-step guide with brief screenshots.

"We have some footage shot with a Sony camcorder. The ultimate goal is to edit the XDCAM EX-1 MP4 footages in Premiere Pro CS6 on Mac. But the problem is that it doesn't allow us to rename the files in batch before converting. So the output videos are all in a mess. Has anyone ever run into this problem?"

Sony XDCAM EX-1 and EX-3 series are one of the high-end professional Sony camcorders with outstanding video quality. The footages are wrapped in XDCAM codec MP4 format which is uncommon with normal quicktime supported mp4 files. Yet you can still load them into some NLE programs such as Premiere Pro CS6, but due to the codec issue, Sony XDCAM EX1/EX3 footages cannot work smoothly in CS6, which makes the editing become harsh to some extend.

As is mentioned above, due to the complex file structure in BPAV folder, any substandard customize renaming may make the footages cannot sync video and audio automatically.

If you copy the BPAV folder to another folder on the local hard drive, in Premiere, you can navigate to, import and edit that footage; but all the files are still named numbers from the camera. Using Bridge with the BPAV folder structure doesn't work anymore as for FCP.

Therefore, it should be a good idea to convert Sony XDCAM EX1/EX3 MP4 footages to Premiere Pro CS6 preferred format. Come and try this Sony XDCAM EX Video Converter, which is use-to-use, capable of converting XDCAM video to various formats, and supports batch renaming painlessly.


Click to download a free trial version without time limit.

How to convert Sony EX1/EX3 XDCAM MP4 to MPG/WMV/MOV for using in Premiere Pro CS6 on Mac?

Step 1. Install and run Pavtube XDCAM to Premiere Pro CS6 Converter. Connect your Sony XDCAM EX1/EX3 camera to Mac, click the top left two icons to load individual videos or the entire folder correspondingly. Click the file name below Destination File to rename them directly.

Step 2. Click "format" and choose "Adobe Premiere -> MOV (AVC)(*.MOV)" as the best video format for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Click "Settings" and change output settings for Premiere Pro CS6 according to your needs.

Step 3. Click the big red circle to start converting Sony XDCAM EX1/EX3 XDCAM MP4 to MOV/MPG/WMV for Premiere Pro CS6.

This Pavtube XDCAM Video Converter for Mac provide the settings for stream server which allows you edit the converted video in another computer; or you can just leave and check "shut down computer after conversion".

PS: More guides about how to edit Sony footages on Mac all can be found here.

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