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New Correct.
Saves your life and totals your bank account to fix it again. Crumble to absorb energy.
I'm glad I don't do body work anymore; it's all R&R now. And the paint sucks.
New Paint is all water based now...
and man it sucks to use now.

It has made it *BIG* business on this Greening the Automotive paint industry.

The whole "water based paint" system needs a very new spray gun setup, usually a new $1000 gun and about another few thousand dollar breathing air-system, plus spray booth with baking heat and lamps, plus...plus...plus...

Not to mention $200-$500 a pint, paint. Plus expensive prep, prime, mid and final coats.

No wonder they are coming up with "Thicker non-prime coat" paint systems. Reduces a few steps.

At least it takes the Mom and Pop shops out of the equations. It is also what drives places like the original Earl Scheib out of business. (Not that quality of paint work had anything to do with it. ha!)
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New Yupper
I worked almost exclusively with acrylic lacquer. Pretty much factory replacement for standard customer cars in body shops. I did a fair amount of side work on bikes and hot rods that involved metal flake, black pearl, red pearl and stuff like that. I could never draw well enough to add pictures to the mix. About the time I switched careers, some shops were switching to enamel. Earl Scheib always used enamel.
The old man who originally took me under his wing and taught me body work insisted that I learn to use lead and metal finish before I was allowed to use bondo (plastic filler). By the early 70s it was getting so everything was simply R&R. A lot of the time I could do a better job straightening a quarter panel that was welded on than cutting it off and replacing it with a new one and make more money at the same time. Other people in the shop bitched that I "wasn't doing it right".
I got into the medical dodge and went to work at the Cleveland Clinic.
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