While at IBM, I heard one of his pitches on a trip to IBM's Boca Raton lab. One of the things he had said was that Microsoft had been sabotaging the OS/2 project by going to the IBM's corporate management, showing the technically challenged clowns some wiz-bang Windows demo thing and then suggesting there was no need for OS/2. Well, OS/2 was a large expensive project and the bean counters took notice.

I still have Iacobucci's "OS/2 Programmer's Guide" and it has a Forward written by by Bill Gates in November of 1987: "I believe OS/2 is destined to be the most important operating system and possibly program, of all time. As a successor to DOS, which has over 10,000,000 systems in use, it creates incredible opportunities for everyone involved with PCs.


Fscking snake in the grass!