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New Urm...
I opt into one and the other is done to me. These two things are not the same.
One is blatant merchandizing of social interchange (or whatever the fudge they call it) and the other involves secret courts and secret interpretations of previous legal decisions. Guess which one the fourth amendment was specifically put in place to prevent. Guess which one shreds the fourth amendment.
But it's all good: as long as hopey changy can keep the laws away from the supreme court, it's technically legal. And our government would NEVER lie to us. And if they did, it's for our own good.
But keep on supporting endemic surveillance; after all if you're not doing anything wrong you're absolutely safe, and that's the important thing, right?
New Yah.. well...
Even if ya nuked the clandestine/despicable Stuff-du-jour:

'Twouldn't make yer Avge. Murican smarter, less superstitious, (less superficial) less gullible, less sanctimonious (and too often: less vicious.)
Just Look at the crap we 'Watch'--and call 'entertainment'. (And the tykes get to see that during Their formative years==circle-jerk.

We're {collectively} a Product of our Messages chosen-Massages (every Ad tells you what a Paragon You are/thus We are/thus ... everyone else on the planet: Isn't)
We Are {truly} Murican Exceptionalism Person-ified. cha.cha.cha (Hey.. that's a kind of Tea, but without the -Party appended)

I'll be here all Milllenium (but without the -Falcon appendage)
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They believe our game is food?
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