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New No worries, we're all friends here.
I really do appreciate your opinions. They make me think outside my box. I tend to operate on (at least) two levels: me and mine, which includes my immediate personal friends, and society in general. For me and mine, the rules are simple and inflexible: we take care of our own. Always. For society in general, rules are pretty much a guideline; you just need to know how hard to break them and when and have a good reason to do so. Rules are good because they make you think. Some are reasonable to obey and some are reasonable to disregard. Cost/benefit ratios apply.
The government seems to be playing a similar game. Warrants? Send the secretary after lunch to pick up fifteen of them; fill in the names when they need them. There is no oversight. Well maybe there is in the same sense that I currently have Mona the retriever overseeing the cube steaks we plan to have for dinner. I didn't see them the last time I was in the kitchen but she looks alert so I imagine they're alright.
Anyway, don't let my pissy attitude get to you either. It's usually a good conversation in the long run.
New Thanks. :-)
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