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New GPS is turned on when the phone is off
You have to actually pull the battery to shut it completely off. Ostensibly, it's for your own good; nobody has explained why...
New You know what?
I'm the first one who posted that, but now I'm wondering if it's actually true. Snopes isn't conclusive. I see a lot of, "I read this somewhere so I know it's true." But I can't find a solid reference.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

New Only way to know...
It to have a sensitive RF detector in a shielded room, turn the damned thing off and see what happens.

I'm not exactly sure this is true. Considering how much additional battery the GPS functions take. Reporting also requires output... considering how long the batteries don't last when out of the phone and you get slightly less time when in the phone when off...

I'm thinking this is conspiracy theory here.
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New It's speced but I don't remember where...
When I was at Cisco, we had addons for wireless. There was a suggested addon to track shoppers by their phones in stores and allow the stores to shoot them advertizements based on the aisle they were in. Somewhere in the proposal, there was a spec for phones that indicated that GPS could not be turned off at all. There was some assurance that all phone manufacturers followed the spec.
Is it true? damifiknow
New You can turn GPS off on your phone.
And you can turn your phone off. When it is off, it's not talking to the network and is not tracking its location.

But one can turn on phones remotely.

That's the only plausible way that I can see that a phone that is off (and/or has its GPS off) can give away your location.

E.g. http://www.brighthub...ticles/51103.aspx


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