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New Lucked out big time
Usually when a timing chain goes, a valve is left down and a piston comes up. There are two objects competing for the same space in a tightly machined environment. The fragmented pieces recirculate while the crank is intact.
Possibly not described as "pretty"...
New Depends...
...on whether the engine is an "interference" design or not.
New OHC engines are less forgiving, too.
Some bent pushrods in, e.g. a GM V8, are relatively easy to recover from, but camshaft lobes don't bend too easily...

(GM V8s in the '70s often had nylon-coated gears to drive the timing chain - they were quieter than metal-to-metal designs. But if the car ever overheated, the nylon would crack and fall off, leading to chain slippage. If it slipped enough, then ...)

New Been there done that...
Swapped the gears out for Double Roller... which where also quieter than the nylon gears and chain with slop.
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New Yup.
It was a fairly easy fix, too, as those things go. It was satisfying to see the timing mark actually move smoothy with increasing RPM rather than jump around +/- 5 degrees or more at idle... :-/

(Who is glad he doesn't have to mess around with stuff like that any more though.)
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