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New Re: I'm fine with posts like that
Thanks, Scott.

The wildest part about the Hazelwood tornado we had here on April 10th, was a prayer I prayed on the way to the basement. I yelled to John, where is it, where is it, and he told me the corner of Lynn Haven and Howdershell. I said Oh my God! Please keep Debra and AJ and their little pharmacy safe!

We had no power for over 25 hours, so we went to the mall the next day, and I was stunned to read a headline on my Ipod Touch about AJ being in the pharmacy filling prescriptions when it hit. But I couldn't find a picture of the damage to it, and I really tried. There were pictures of the other stores in the little plaza, not his.

2 days later, I drove up Howdershell, and gasped in astonishment. The stores around the pharmacy had all their glass shattered and everything, but the pharmacy store window was intact, untouched. That was why there was no picture, there was no damage!

I was blown away, literally, that it wasn't destroyed. I don't know if my prayer helped, but it was a astonishing sight to see it.

Tornadoes are so freaky, they hit and miss all over the place, and you can't even begin to guess what they can do next.


P.S. BTW April 10th was our 14th wedding anniversary, and we exchanged cards in the basement by flashlight. ;)
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New Congrats on the anniversary
Our 21st is coming up this year.

I'm glad to be out of most of the tornado nastiness of the Midwest. We don't get much damaging stuff up here other than the occasional ice storm. Fringes of everything from earthquakes to fires to tornadoes, but moderate in intensity.
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