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New Nah, not really
But when you are a Blues Fan, liking the Blackhawks is unacceptable. ;) At least the Penguins aren't the Blues hated Rival, plus there's a sort of NHL respect for Mario Lemieux and his team, particularly Sidney Crosby.

Now being a Penguins fan, if I liked the Flyers, THAT would be unacceptable. ;)

BTW my Ducks were eliminated by the Red Wings last night, so I only have two teams in the running now, the Penguins and the Sharks.


When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
New Just like me and Green Bay
I only root for 2 NFL teams: Da Bears, and whoever plays the Packers.

Satan (impatiently) to Newcomer: The trouble with you Chicago people is, that you think you are the best people down here; whereas you are merely the most numerous.
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