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An indication of JUST HOW mathematically-removed-from Reality IS: virtually every "formula" within the pseudo-science loosely called, Economics.
[Aside/not to speak ill of the departed/maybe some reason why ... I never could get Beep to answer for me, "Just What. Is. It. that ... 'conservatives' want to conserve??]

This paper is a litmus for the 'fact' we see in all related bloviations:
The Sheer Quantity of words.. words.. employed merely to demonstrate the defects within a previous [Language Murder?]
makes the case for placing Econ firmly in the realm of astrology--but without the necessary assist of Owl entrails [for checksum-error calcs. maybe?]

Ed: PS, on another page.. the LRPD always achieves concision VS verbiage ...
It's like reading nadsat, only without the clarity.
--Thou Sayest, GRR