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New Along similar lines
We had a corporate big shot rushing the setup for a demo/training session. This involved setting up about 20 laptops with a similar number of our new wireless access points. Leveno laptops (our standard laptop then) used a 19V DC power cord. Cisco wireless access points use a 45V DC power cord. Both power cords have the same form factor. Corporate B.S. "helped" by taking control and plugging everything in for us. Apparently without looking at the power supplies, since about half the laptops smoked. It was, of course, not his fault in the slightest. There must be an upper management course that teaches this kind of stuff.
New Standard demo setup
Required a few network and electrical cords that were not in the conference room when the major client showed up.

I (and my brother) spent 20 minutes running cables from out of our office, down the hall, and into the conference room. We snaked them in and out of the ceiling tiles as needed, between doorways and firewalls.

The maintenance department was NOT happy.
New I remember a story...
At my first full-time job, all the workspaces were behind security doors (simple swipe readers). But the training rooms were not - they were only inside the building's outer swipe-card zone. So when they were first outfitted, there were no datapoints.

But there was still a comms room. A colleague tells me of having to therefore run a short training course *in* the comms room because they needed access to a minicomputer terminal. Which was, of course, central to the training.

I think someone in management discovered this fairly quickly and outfitted the proper training rooms with datapoints... :-)

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