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New We all make a living selling ads?
The internet has made us more hive minded, not less.

I disagree with the author: There is such a thing as original expression and creativity; Eliminating copyright does not eliminate economic scarcity; There are companies that have their own $economic motives to bypass compensation to authors - corporations prefer to pay labor zilch.

To some of us, the current culture can be more likened to the robber barons of the 19th century more-so than any imagined post-scarcity utopia.
New Yes, of course..
The arbitrary definitions-of-today of say, The place of Value in a world of Things enters the equally ephemeral realm of, In the final analysis: everything is related to Everything Else [Ashleigh Brilliant]

Since ours is a $$materialistic kultur--in which everything *has* a price-tag: Of Course we cannot -just- cancel all ©.
(But were we (a majority of) Adults, fully aware that it is in our Province to..)

a) Tame-by-bloody-well-Regulating ALL "financial institutions"--with Real oversight
b) Decide, perhaps by plebiscite--just WTF Kind of kultur we would Rather Be
c) Make It So

..well then, such squabbles might have an actual, Authentic Outcome! ie. one via which most sentient kultur-members could at least see, What it is ... we 'Value' (and a bit of Why.)

Til then? Never mind ... nothing beneficent Shall Happen. Just more greedhead VS public welfare pointless exercises signifying nothing/altering nothing.

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         We all make a living selling ads? - (CrisR) - (1)
             Yes, of course.. - (Ashton)

Nobody leaves an Asian restaurant with less than eight pounds of to-go boxes.
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