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New Purity trolls are also an easy out
It's all too easy to complain when somebody who promises a, b, c, d, e, f, and g, actually delivers a very poor compromise on a and c, blatantly ditches b, d, e, and f, and halfheartedly delivers on g, that they are a "purity troll". A lot of what is ditched may have been predictable previously, but mentioning that is apparently too "pure". It really is fair to remind bounder politicians of their promises and their total abdication of them. But wait! SHINY!! OVER THERE!!
New Criticism is good and expected.
Obama's a big boy - he knows criticism comes with the office.

That's not what Hedges does in the times I've heard him. He makes a point about a bad policy, but then, as driftglass says, turns it into a "a pox on both their houses" rant.

My wife J is a strong critic of Obama (she gets furious with him), and generally likes Hedges, but the last time we watched him on C-SPAN, she was taken aback by some of his statements. If you go too far left for her, you've gone off the rails. ;-)

I think it was this "InDepth" show, but can't swear to it - http://www.c-spanvid.../program/303072-1


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