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New Well, sometimes we do
(for certain values of "we")

When I got married in the Catholic church, I did have to vow to "accept children lovingly from God" and if we were known to be an infertile couple, we would have needed special permission from the Bishop to get married. It was made clear that we were expected/required to have unprotected sex. It was also made clear by the marriage class instructors that birth control is very much against the rules but nobody expects parents of a kid or two to follow that rule and failure to break that rule leads to more kids than a couple can responsibly raise.

Not missing the ex-church or the ex-wife.
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New I was best man in a Catholic marriage.
Yeah, they make you promise to do lots of things (raise your kids Catholic, etc., etc.). That's why I wanted to be sure I talked about civil marriage.

But, of course, the Church ran things for a long time, and even when they didn't, they had a lot of influence on the civil law and customs, so it gets messy.

Things are changing rapidly in our society. I hope the courts (and the Neanderthals in Congress and those running several of the states) don't keep thinks static (or in reverse) for so long that the backlash destroys good things along with making the necessary changes...


New I forgot to make my point
The clearly out-of-culture requirements for Catholic marriage point out that the whole sanctity of marriage argument is ridiculous. Churches will not be forced to marry pairs of men or pairs of women any more than the Catholic church is forced to marry infertile couples.

There isn't an explicit legal protection for this category, but consider this scenario:

"No, you can't add her on to your insurance plan because you knew you were infertile at the time you got 'married' and you didn't get permission from the Bishop, so we don't consider you married."

Yeah, that's going to go over real well in court.
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