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New Ex wife did that, sort of
Has a costume shop.

High school kids used to come in and play dress-up and take pictures.

The latest version of the rule that I heard was that if you take pictures and don't buy anything, the charge is $5.00. And it makes sense to me.
In the desert, you can't remember your name
New Fee for taking pics in a costume store makes sense.
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New Congrats on Runner-Up in best category, 'Best Oz Blogs'/'12!
(IMO, natch): Words ... a category Title even more concise than say, MAN [Linux] minimalism.

Today's entry reminds me to re-read Good Omens too.. among my earliest acquaintances with Sir Terry. A multiNational Hero, we see.
(I haven't heard lately, how he's doing with the memory/brain Problem--almost as tragic for him as ... Beethoven's deafness, I wot.)

Anyway, we seem to be on the same page: the richness of English, especially adj. adv. as concise and accurate descriptors.
We either Use these fine words--like say, extirpate--when we want to indicate that, for Ex:
The best way to deal with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, is to extirpate him from that broadcast booth..
..now isn't that a Nicer way to say, ~root out and destroy--as you would any weed in your garden?

Or: they will all be replaced with buttons on a KB: Have a Nice Day, then, inevitably.. NewSpeak ..as would Be: Double-plus Ungood
So then: good Luck in the '13 Ozymandias-of-Oz Sweepstakes!

(You can tell them, at the rostrum: "Everything I know about writing derived from eyeing the errors at IWETHEY" ... and being tactful.)

Teacher of Infractions. By example.

Ed: detail.

Expand Edited by Ashton March 26, 2013, 11:48:40 PM EDT
New Thanks!
That was such a huge surprise last year. I've entered this year, too. Like last year, there are over 1000 entrants, so the competition is tough.

Just Add Story http://justaddstory.wordpress.com/
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