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New That 800 number is off by about a factor of 3
It doesn't count the funds that are still yet to be paid for replacing equipment and servicing the casualties. Anything under 2 trillion is really light. Just for Iraq.
New And don't forget Afghanistan.
There’s a plan to have most U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014, but no call yet on what to do with the 750,000 pieces of major military hardware in country – hardware worth $36 billion....Transport is hard in landlocked, mountainous Afghanistan. But leaving it behind intact means the wrong hands could get hold of it. So is it best to torch $36 billion in U.S. assets?


New Romans could melt the bronze swords into plowshares.
Now all this species can manages is, to.. create windfalls for the arms merchants: 100% of 'whom' Are already in that despised [1%] heading for 0.01%
--when all that deathware *must* be replenished for the Next WarForFreedom, near-to a next pre-election lull.

Lose/Lose: the Murican replacement for Win/Win--all sanitized by, "well, we really Helped Those.. 'people' cha. cha . cha."
It is now impossible to become more cynical re. our flounderings; whatever a one can imagine? Can Shall be exceeded.

Under 30 out there? Move to Bhutan, before they are forced to lock the doors.
New $2.2T plus interest.

A new report by the “Costs of War” project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies finds that nearly 200,000 people, including soldiers and civilians, were killed in the war in Iraq President George W. Bush launched 10 years ago.

The report also found that American taxpayers will ultimately spend roughly $2.2 trillion on the war, but because the U.S. government borrowed to finance the conflict, interest payments through the year 2053 means that the total bill could reach nearly $4 trillion.

$4T? Where have I seen that number before... Oh, yeah: http://www.bloomberg...ears-or-less.html

     Not too bad, only 1% waste - (scoenye) - (6)
         Working as designed. :-( - (Another Scott)
         That 800 number is off by about a factor of 3 - (hnick) - (3)
             And don't forget Afghanistan. - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                 Romans could melt the bronze swords into plowshares. - (Ashton)
             $2.2T plus interest. - (Another Scott)
         More like 13% - (altmann)

That is not actually a charming anecdote!
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