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New What's your point?
The republicans held the economy hostage and demanded a lot of stuff or they'd hold their breath until the government stopped. There was a lot of blabbering by superficial twunts on both sides including one of the most wretched presidents in memory. Now, the "fiscal cliff", a silly unnecessary artifact derived from said blabbering, is arriving and the republicans are claiming they want to play hardball. The wretch is apparently just saying "batter up!".
It's a lot of stupid posturing by both sides. Seriously, what is your point?
New every other president till this point would tell em to ftfo
not go crying to the press that he doesnt have gas for his battleships
Any opinions expressed by me are mine alone, posted from my home computer, on my own time as a free American and do not reflect the opinions of any person or company that I have had professional relations with in the past 57 years. meep
New heh...
Told them to do something? You're kidding, right? If he told them to breath, the entire lot of them would be blue in 60 seconds or less.
What's the point of only one side playing the game? They posture stupidly, he postures stupidly.
It's not like it makes a difference; only the laws of probability make it a finite chance that this whole thing is not prearranged and choreographed.
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