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New Just for fun:
#5 - Gravity.
In the dessert, you can't remember your name
New Re: Just for fun:
I believe that comes under "Intelligent falling".
New Re: Just for fun:
I proposed this bill because there are teachers and students who may be afraid of going against what they see in their textbooks.

"GOING AGAINST" implies that, any cockamamie "issue" with a fucking intuitively obvious cause/effect ... ... is Good Enough excuse to,

WHAT??? blather incessantly that, That Does Not Fit My Personal Fantasy?
ie. Make it a Law that: one's personal fantasy has equal-weight to: All evidence-to-the-contrary??

These assholes are stark. raving. MAD.
And we live in ... Their 'Country' ?

I say, then: LET these mofos SECEDE.
Or: by their own 'logic'--try them as [never mind Alien and Sedition arguments] 'Traitors' to the USofA/its Constitution/or Whatever.

..anything that will cause them to hire a mental-health practitioner/or be Confined for the Public Good.
Where are Philip K. Dick, Geo. Carlin or Mark Twain when weunses Need Them?
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