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New I only take exception to one point...
We live in a civilized society.

Really? We used to, but now? Civility is becoming as common as real saffron in the mainstream. Other than that, you make good points.
New Shades of grey.
I'm reluctant to say the country was more civil in some previous time because one could certainly point to the treatment of blacks, or Irish or Chinese immigrants, or native Americans, or Catholics, or Jews, or ... and say that society wasn't very civil to them then.


But compared to Somalia, I think we're doing much better.


New I know...
My sense of humor is MIA. I probably should have put a smiley at the end or something.
At the moment, I am more concerned about whether my split pea soup needs more chipotle peppers than my ability to machine gun a crowd of zombies or whoever. THAT's serious (the soup, not zombies. I got no recipes for them.)
New You came to the right place for recipes. :-) Drook? AG?
New That'd be Andrew

New So...
Consider zombies to be the equivalent of aged humans, sort of like they used to hang game to let it break down naturally?
New Sorry, haven't read that

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                             You came to the right place for recipes. :-) Drook? AG? -NT - (Another Scott) - (2)
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