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New Update to the question:
Is there a particular event during the war that "the blitzkrieg" brings to mind?
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New "The blitzkrieg" = Poland ... "The blitz" = London

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New same here
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New France overrun.
New Usurping of the..
Maginot Line.

Poland and Belgium being over run.
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New Maybe the earliest events that qualified: Spain
Guernica--for those who adsorb 'politics' via artistic depiction aka pics not words.

Thus depicted Picasso: the joint-German/Italian bombing of a village in 1937--proving ground for events following Sept. 1939.

But generally I share--as icon--the 'motorized cavalry' sturm und drang as cited by others.
ie ground action not unlike a day at a NASCAR event/with guns?

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New Not for me.
I just associate it with Nazi Germany at war: aerial bombardments from them on London and from the Brits over Germany.

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