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New That may be so...
However if he never even tries, it certainly won't happen. It appears that he figures there is no point wasting time standing up for anything at all so he may as well go straight to conciliation. And he doesn't need congressional help to get on the idiot box. But the only times he gets on is to say "We arrived at a BIPARTISAN!!!!! resolution! I gave away the farm...
So... to a liberal, what good is this timorous, powerless president?
New Patience, grasshopper.
The powerless one is Boehner.


WASHINGTON — House Speaker John A. Boehner, in the wake of the embarrassing defeat of his backup plan to avert a fiscal crisis in two short weeks, on Friday called on the Senate and President Obama to find a way out, but added that “God only knows” how Washington is going to get control of its finances.

With the House headed home for the holidays and the Senate soon to depart, Mr. Boehner gave no hints of a path to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” when more than a half trillion dollars in automatic spending cuts and tax increases kick in beginning next month. He said that on Monday, he had delivered his demands to the president for a broad deficit-reduction deal to avoid the crisis. The president delivered his “bottom lines” and told him “he couldn’t go any further.”


The ball is in the Republicans' court, still. While the headline in a subsequent NY Times story says it's up to Obama now, it's clear from the text that it's not - http://www.nytimes.c...n-fails.html?_r=0

I don't expect anything to happen until they return after Christmas. At that point, I still expect us to go over the "cliff", but they may surprise me.

New I dont think that cliff is going to be that bad.
The markets should pickup because they know that the tax structure at that level was workable for a long time. Defense stocks will be down but I imagine not for long as a bunch of scared politicians of all stripes will take their butts to washington to sort out the war machine. After that it is muddle on as usual
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