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New Re: How is it connecting?
It's just a POP server. We don't have a lot of different machines syncing up. Nothing remarkable to mention.
New Fresh Outlook or braincramp
There is no setting on the server to retain mail. That is a POP3 client feature. The client program remembers the message IDs it downloaded and next time just asks the server for anything it does not have yet.

It could still be the duplicate message bug mentioned by altmann (although I think that applies in the situation where you wanted it deleted from the server but it did not do that), but you mentioned TB was used to siphon mail from another PC. That sounds like this is the first time Outlook was used on this PC? If so, it would have no idea that all that mail had already been downloaded. If not, its "memory" somehow was corrupted.

I don't know of any methods to initialize or restore the message index in Outlook if it could not import it from TB. Is a switch to IMAP4 possible? That would at least save you the download of all message bodies.
New Re: Fresh Outlook or braincramp
Any idea if 2003 pst files can be absorbed by Outlook 2010? I want to get her a newer machine with real memory. If I can just move the PST, it would save downloads.
New That should work
AFAIK, that is one of the MS formats that does not seem to change all that much between Office versions.
New Re: That should work
Cool. Thanks.
New Ah...
Yeah, POP3 only sorta supports "leaving the mail" on the server. All it takes is a bug in the client or the server and That Doesn't Work.

The other posts have good suggestions. Mine would have been to see if you could switch it to IMAP. :-)

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