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New PC trouble shooting suggestions?
I have been trying to fix a PC that belongs to the village. After our recent power outage it wouldn't power up. Sometimes it would try for a few seconds and stop or more often just sit there. It had a 350 watt ATX power supply in it and the 3.3v tested low to non-existent. I replaced it with a similar unit which tests good. It was a simple R&R; I only had to remove the CPU heat sink to get the old unit out and the new unit in. The heat sink is the older model that have the 4 clips on the bottom and two levers on the top. Now I get green lights on the motherboard but it doesn't even try to power up. Any suggestions on what I look at next?
New Sometimes they act weird when the CMOS battery dies.
If the PS has had issues for a while, the battery may be dead too. That can sometimes cause weird problems.

Can you short the "clear BIOS" jumper and/or replace the button battery? The battery is often a 2032 (20 mm diameter, ~ 3.2V).

(If it had to do with the heat sink, I would think that you would have some time before the CPU got too hot and shut down, so I don't think that's the main problem.)

HTH a little. Good luck!

New Larger caliber?

New Pull all boards and connectors
Start with just the mobo and power it up. If that does not produce some kind of beeping complaint, the board and/or the CPU are done. (Did you replace the thermal grease/pad before replacing the heatsink? If not, you can try that and see if it brings the CPU back, but it may be too late.)

If you got beeps: add the video card. Continue by adding the RAM back in, one stick at a time. Test all the slots. After that, add any remaining boards, one at a time.

Lastly, reconnect the drives, also one at a time.
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