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New It's all in the votes.
If he gets enough votes, he could be the president in January. On the other paw, if he hadn't gotten a spine transplant from a jellyfish, he could be president NOW!
I was steeling myself to hold my nose and vote for him and he went and preemptively caved at his own convention because the republicans might say something bad about him. Why? Because the fucking REPUBLICANS wanted him to put a plank in his platform involving deities and internal affairs of another country (Israel.) He may not get enough votes, not because the republicans don't like him, but because his own base is coming to despise the brilliant but cowardly orator.
The country is knackered. And I'm too old for violent revolution. Fuck me.
New He picks his battles.
The Republican MO for decades has been to pick an issue to rile people up that really has little to do with their agenda. Flag Burning!!!11

Putting a few words back in the platform about Jerusalem or God gets it out of the news after a day or so. It's not going to change his actual policies about them. It takes the issue away from the Republicans and doesn't feed their noise machine. It lets him concentrate on the big issues.

Don't get distracted. Look at the big picture and the obvious differences his or Rmoney's administrations would make in the direction the country takes.

My $0.02.

Hang in there.

New Romney might be good for the country in one respect.
Creative destruction.
New Yes, it would auger this low flying...
country right into the ground as if it were flying high!

If the Republican's had just let the damned banks fail... we would have already broken the country and got to keep both pieces... and glued them back together by now.

Yes, I know the democrats aren't much better... but at least they aren't as friggin out of touch and "look at this voodoo doll" (or hey lookit this shiny...) as the Republicans appear to be.

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                 Romney might be good for the country in one respect. - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                     Yes, it would auger this low flying... - (folkert)
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Could be fun to watch if the chairs aren't bolted down.
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