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New Northern Aggression explains a lot
If you guys ever want to secede again, I REALLY hope we are intelligent enough to let you. You can give back our hardware first, of course. Or we get to nuke you to make sure you don't misuse it.
Ever since my family moved out of Virginia, I've wanted to nuke the place. That's over half a century now... Some dreams never die. The place made an impression on me; what can I say?
New There's two South's.
North Carolina and the rest. ;0)

North Carolina actually voted to stay in the Union, but Lincoln forced their hand. They were last into the Confederacy and they suffered the most casualties.

I've had about the same opinion of the "worthless thumb" of the US for my entire life that you have about Virginia.
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                         There's two South's. - (mmoffitt)
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I like working for this guy.
He calls himself my towel boy.
He knows how to motivate me.
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