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New In November I had a lumbar laminectomy
I had a synovial cyst on my spinal chord (about the same place as yours) that compressed the nerves going to my feet and I couldn't walk properly and the pain was excruciating. Vicodin has absolutely no effect on nerve pain by the way. There was also some stenosis. I was in the OR for 3 hours and went home the same day. When I was still in the medical dodge, a lumbar lam kept the subject in the hospital for several days to a week. It's gotten way better.
My results have been excellent. It's only been since November, so I can't speak to long term results. I thought my surgeon was excellent, if you want his name or maybe for a second opinion. You really should have a second opinion. Surgeons are surgeons because they like to cut.
Good luck with the pain. It rarely gets better on its own.
New Yeah, speaking of Vicodin ...
Why the hell would anyone take this stuff recreationally? Aside from not doing a damn thing for the nerve pain -- by the way, thanks for confirming that -- I didn't feel anything except possible sleepiness. And maybe some excessively vivid dreams, though with the amount of time I spent drifting in and out of (bad) sleep, it's hard to say what those were from.

I'll definitely hit you up for your doc's name for a second opinion if it comes to that. I've been researching, and I see the outpatient endoscopic procedures. I didn't know that existed. Maybe not as much to worry about, with a good chance of relief.

New cool. let me know.
New Seconded.
I was fortunate in that a fellow pilot had just had the operation himself by the same physician. I was down for about 2 days after the surgery (apparently, I was in much worse shape than my buddy - he got up and walked out post op). Ditto on the Vicodin for me - doubled up the dosage and I still couldn't sit up. But, like I said, I've been virtually pain free ever since. It's a tough call and every case is different. I wouldn't tell you that you should have surgery. It's just that I had a TON of people telling me not to do it and they turned out to be wrong. I guess what I'm trying to say is keep your options open. And definitely get multiple opinions.

Good Luck!
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