Actually, I run a Yahoo group that banded together to save the Classic Groups style,
http://tech.groups.y...p/modsandmembers/ ,

and the commenting ability on various news released about Yahoo's changes, was one of the biggest things that allowed us to protest the treatment Groups were getting at the hands of those in charge...

Things like flagrant violation of privacy, making public private groups such as those that protected battered women's identies in serious flubs, and even worse.

Using that commenting ability and getting our story out into the non-Yahoo public by having it published by Liz Gannes on,

enabled us to get the attention of the Vice President of Communities, I believe it was, and got the problems resolved quickly. The group still exists, and we are still attempting to preserve Classic Groups, but with the shake-ups at Yahoo lately, I'm not really sure what will happen in the future.

It was interesting to read in this thread though, that people were banned from their own E-mail, and etc. because of disagreements with the powers that be from Yahoo.

I became somewhat of a known "persona" known mostly by Nightowl >8# so that my signature alone told people I was the one who "took on Yahoo" and won the rights to keep groups. Personally though, it wasn't me alone, it was our entire group which consisted of some very important people from authors and lawyers to businessmen, programmers, and abuse advocates.

However, since achieving that small victory, Yahoo has now somehow "blocked" me from being able to comment on any of their News stories online. Interesting, and tricky to get around, but my group members are determined and are doing just that.

After all, Yahoo doesn't know EVERY ID from the group. ;)

Anyway, fascinating read about Yahoo, thanks.

sorry I've been absent so long, I've been handling the situation with my elderly parents and haven't been in here in months.

I would be interested in ANY news you find about Yahoo, as I am still the leader of that group, and it seems things are very confused about what will happen or not with it in the future.

Thanks again,

Nightowl >8#