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New That works best.
Be affable, pleasant, and say nothing. No agreement, no disagreement, just smile politely and refrain from nodding.
New Yes. Be pleasant.
If you are being absolutely no trouble, even when they have to arrest you, then they will answer questions and explain things, and often do what they can to make the system work faster for you.

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New That does not always work... here...
in the United States with DHS ramping up still.
     IRLRPD. - (Another Scott) - (6)
         I was watching "Unforgettable" - (crazy) - (5)
             That actually works in the real world. - (hnick) - (4)
                 Never answer a cop - (drook) - (3)
                     That works best. - (hnick) - (2)
                         Yes. Be pleasant. - (static) - (1)
                             That does not always work... here... - (folkert)

One may hardly be found in a handbag in the railway station unless one has been lost in a handbag in the railway station.
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