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New That actually works in the real world.
Back in the 60/70s, cops would show up for no apparently good reason and ask if they could come in. I was living with 3 girls, my next door neighbor was an officer in the Hells Angels, I rode a bike and hung out a biker bars, and made a lot of money. That probably made me a suspect in the hippy community. Just happens, I like girls, I tended toward English bikes (Triumph and Norton mostly with some Honda's and a Yamaha later) which terminated any serious interaction with Beetle (my neighbor) since they only ride Harleys. We used to sit on the back stairs and tell lies about our bikes( it's almost stock, just a few modifications...) I like biker bars. They are more comfortable than most others. I made a lot of money because I worked at a body shop and bought new model wrecks from the insurance adjusters, fixed them, drove them for a few months until the next one was ready and sold it. Also did custom paint jobs for bikes and hot cars. In all, nothing really suspicious. The cops showed up anyway.
I was told by other street people that if I gave permission, they could toss the apartment on the claim that they smelled pot smoke, saw a seed, or were just generally suspicious. From then on, it would be a fishing expedition. Based on the treatment of some of my acquaintances at the time, that appeared to be true.
New Never answer a cop
Even the cops will tell you that. "Do you have anything on you I should know about?" "Do you have a warrant?" Yeah, I know in the real world that will escalate things, and if they want to hassle you, you will be well and truly hassled.

New That works best.
Be affable, pleasant, and say nothing. No agreement, no disagreement, just smile politely and refrain from nodding.
New Yes. Be pleasant.
If you are being absolutely no trouble, even when they have to arrest you, then they will answer questions and explain things, and often do what they can to make the system work faster for you.

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New That does not always work... here...
in the United States with DHS ramping up still.
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