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New I still fail to see your point.
Yes, Obama is fairly rotten and has regrettably few redeeming qualities. It is unfortunate but we have him for another year. At the time I, and likely the "others", voted for him, felt that he was the best of a very bad lot. Some of his behavior was to be expected to some degree; you can't pick up a turd by the clean end. I don't think anybody could have guessed just how rotten he could be, but that's a different thread to follow at some never time.

In this thread, you pick a fairly trivial case where somebody may have overstated the bio-warfare angle to pad their wallet and was supported by Obama drones. In the scope of war payoffs, this is no more than a tip to the valet parking runner and there may have been some merit to the research in the first place. It is impossible to say what one of his opponents would have enabled given the chance, but my imagination would not be kind to them. Doesn't matter; they didn't get the choice. and I'm grateful for that...

So what is you point? Are you arguing that those of us who voted for Obama, really, really wanted a spineless, two faced, treacherous shit weasel for a representative? Could you be arguing that his opposition was of such sterling character that this kind of supporter pay off that was epitomized by the opposition during the Iraq ramp up could never happen? Or could you just have been posting some trivial bullshit so you could snark about what an icky person "our" guy is. Nah. Not you...

New Beep's point: They're all the same, but Obama's worse. HTH.
New What, trollery?! Say it's not so!
Actually, that would have been my first guess. I'm just killing time until my surgery date. I'm not taking anything to seriously for a while.
New Levity is good. :-) Best of luck!
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