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New Re: What John Cole said:
Ah, so a molecular veneer of sanity makes it acceptable to overtly support someone who is antithetical to most of my major values. Makes for a fun campaign platform though: "Vote for me. I'm throughly rotten, but not foaming at the mouth yet. My opponent is NUTS!!"
This line of argument seems as trivial and stupid as the B&B song and dance team's "Well, the other guy did it too" routine.

It's probably just me, but "Well, occasionally he does something that isn't completely rotten" just doesn't seem to do it. I probably cut the civics class, those years ago, where they explained why this is just ducky.
Never mind...
New Good god
I'm sorry, but when it comes to electoral politics, Americans need to grow up. Hold your nose and vote for the not insane candidate, and then as soon as the election is over invade the party so you can kick the bagmen out. "I voted, therefore it's democracy" is a bullshit sentiment. You've got to participate, and voting is not participation.
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