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New Back to the lesser of two evils again...
Basic assumptions:
1) Some of us want progressive policies.
2) The system in place is heavily rigged to support only two real choices.
3) One choice is horrible while the other choice is only terrible.
4) The system has been corrupted over the last decades to the point where the judicial system has been stacked in favor of big money, bribery has been institutionalized in the legislature under the rubric of lobbying and has been heavily invested on both sides by the same special interests, and the executive branch is a sock puppet for Wall Street (all potential players.) The process to change the system either has to go through the corrupted system or get very messy.
1) How does voting for LOTE Lesser Of Two Evils get ANY kind of positive control over the lesser evil?
2) Doesn't voting for LOTE indicate support for the lesser evil? Does that not make those who vote for a lesser evil complicit in the evil he generates?
3) If both sides are pushing our society towards feudalism, is not a vote for either side a vote for feudalism?
4) How does voting for one side over the other get us closer to those progressive policies?
5) Is it possible that letting the system crash, earlier rather than later, may be the quickest and most likely way to get any real type of reform?

The lesser of two evils is evil. Is there any clean way out? I wish I could see one.
Are there any real choices at all? Damnifiknow...
New What John Cole said:
This is one of the reasons I get so frustrated with the pissing and moaning and the “Oh, Obama has let me down” bullshit from our progressive betters in the comments here and elsewhere. It’s like they just don’t understand that we all agree the Democrats aren’t perfect, that we realize the Democrats are pretty bad on a lot of issues, and we realize that in many cases they are just as beholden to corporate interests, and that we realize that Democrats do a lot of really stupid shit and are not serving their constituents well. We get all that. I understand that completely and agree with those sentiments. The fail is plainly visible. For every bright spot like Franken or Sanders or Sherrod Brown, there is a Nelson or Landrieu or McCaskill. But that doesn’t change the fact that THE OTHER FUCKING PARTY IS CRAZY. And I’m not saying that just to be hyperbolic. They are nucking futs. Lunatics. Insane.

New Re: What John Cole said:
Ah, so a molecular veneer of sanity makes it acceptable to overtly support someone who is antithetical to most of my major values. Makes for a fun campaign platform though: "Vote for me. I'm throughly rotten, but not foaming at the mouth yet. My opponent is NUTS!!"
This line of argument seems as trivial and stupid as the B&B song and dance team's "Well, the other guy did it too" routine.

It's probably just me, but "Well, occasionally he does something that isn't completely rotten" just doesn't seem to do it. I probably cut the civics class, those years ago, where they explained why this is just ducky.
Never mind...
New Good god
I'm sorry, but when it comes to electoral politics, Americans need to grow up. Hold your nose and vote for the not insane candidate, and then as soon as the election is over invade the party so you can kick the bagmen out. "I voted, therefore it's democracy" is a bullshit sentiment. You've got to participate, and voting is not participation.
New (5) Yes.
Seriously. The only thing worse than the Indiana State Board of Elections in Indianapolis telling me that they would not count my vote or any vote for write-in candidates in my county "because it would not change the outcome anyway" was the reaction of my fellow Nader supporters who told me, "That's too bad. Try again next time." Try what? I don't usually urinate by my pointing my dick north when the wind is blowing 70 knots at 360.

It's got to completely fricking crash and burn. The Reagan Revolution is still with us. Jesus H. Fricking Christ, we've got a Black President actually citing Reagan.

With a "Left" like that, the party's over. Fly the SOB into the ground. We'll build something with any parts that survive.
New I'm not getting out of the boat, myself. :-/

New Right page. Wrong quote.
We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig... cow after cow... village after village... army after army...

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